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Comments are spaces where you can see your posts, express your opinions about them, and share your opinions. Some people who are uncomfortable with occasional unhealthy content apply the following operating principles.

1. Delete comment action
Comments by customers or monitoring by the operator, including the following abusive comments, will be deleted or blinded without notice.
- Personal information leaks or invasion of privacy, illegal information leakage, violence or manipulation
- Repetition of the same contents (papering), meaningless comments for point manipulation

2. Restricted Use
In spite of the above deletion measures, if you are repeating higher level or making a comment with severe violation, you may restrict the authority to use the site for a certain period of time.
Please be aware that any comments that violate the law, such as defamation, disclosure of personal information, profanity or slander, may be subject to civil and criminal penalties under applicable laws and regulations.


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