Choose from live scores I want to watch the game but how do I do it?

I would like to see only the selected game.

If you click on the selected game in the upper left part of the score part, the progress of the selected games will be shown.
What are the chat rules?
Chat Ban - Dumb, Permanent Block - Block

1. The reasons for prohibiting chat (being dumb).
- Between 30 seconds and a long time, the chat is prohibited permanently.
① Chat spamming
- If you type the same thing more than 3 times
- Anger chat or typing meaningless initial sounds or repeatedly alphabets like "asdka qkwndlwk"
- Repeating text
- When you repeatedly use a meaningless sentence that can be regarded as spamming
② Rude chat Slandering among members
- Using profanity between members, strife between members Defame or dismiss other members with words, symbols, and special characters in the chat window. Sexual remarks
- Sexual remarks among members and other serious sexual remarks Stimulus remarks
- Family chat, parents, deceased, hoggie remarks, local idiots, chatting to make others feel offended
③ In case of showing up false broadcasting, spreading of false information and information leakage Slandering between members
- Using profanity between members, strife between members Defame or dis other members with words, symbols, and special characters in the chat window. Sexual remarks
- Sexual remarks among members and other serious sexual remarks Provocative remarks to members
- Remarks of disparaging family, region and chatting to make others feel offended

2. Promotions made using repetitive promotional chats or postings to induce ad-hoc chatty notes for specific members
① In case of repeating the chat again in the chat room after the first chat ban is applied
② In case of slandering the operator and the website

3. Personal information disclosure and site mentioning: Illegal site name and address, cafe & blog address, etc.
① Promote third party or illegal site Other site references and posts Illegal site name and address references, cafe & blog address references, and postings Attracting members to a single talk room, etc. Any other comments or posts that are considered to be public relations
② Exposure of personal information Exposure of personal information disclosure & account number including KakaoTalk ID
③ In other cases, if the action being sanctioned within score888 is continued after the warnings and penalty notices

4. Other policies
① Members who do not have their own certification when they sign up cannot use chat in the room
② You need to be authenticated for chatting in your room
③ Users of chat-free items can use the item without having to authenticate themselves
How do I use my personal information in score888?
Score888 limits the personal information provided when a member is registered to basic personal identification such as personal identification, identification of the intention to sign up, and the status of a minor. The personal information collected is used only to the extent agreed.

However, in case of purchase or payment of charges, additional identification procedures other than the identification provided by us will take place depending on how the payment is made.

Members' personal information is thoroughly and safely managed in accordance with security regulations and is not used for other purposes.
How do I change my nickname?
You can change the nickname right to the desired nickname immediately by purchasing it and using [My Item].

What's the age of using score888?
What are the ratings and age of the score888?
Score888 is used for children aged 18 or older.

Therefore, you can sign up from the age of 18 or older.
Do you have any benefits when you sign up?
Score888 in the subscription to a score 3,000,000 gp and the (game point).

Please note that you can change the future policy.
I'd like to know my membership information.
A brief member information is displayed at the top of the right chat window.

Please click on the information in the member information window for more.
What is the membership clas of Score888?
Hierarchy of the Score888 is bronze - Silver - gold - star - diamonds - the order, and God.

To accumulate experience through the sites automatically when it gets to 100 percent rating go or we will come.

You can check in membership and experience is my information.
Where can I change my password?
[My Page] - My information will be changed in the password change window.
I forgot my ID and password. How can I find it?
You can find the ID after you certify it with your mobile phone and Ipin,
After inputting the ID, you can change the password after you authenticate your mobile phone and Ipin.
Please click on the ID / Password search in the login window.
Do I need to be authenticated even if I sign up with Facebook / Naver?
Even if you sign up through Facebook or Naver ID, you need to be authenticated before you can join.
How many IDs can you have per person?
You can have up to one ID per person.

Bonus points paid at the time of sign-up will be paid only to the first registered ID.
How do I withdraw my membership?
[My information] - To unsubscribe - To unsubscribe, you can proceed.

Please note that all coins and GPs you have at the time of withdrawal will be extinguished.
What is coin and GP used in score888?
Coins can be charged through card and mobile phone billing.

After charging, you can purchase various items at item shop.

Login window, Change nickname, Change profile picture, Random note GP (game point) will be provided when purchasing items.

GP is a good used in betting games in game centers.
I'd like to know the rules of the betting.
Score888 betting rules can be found in the [Game Center] - Game Guide.

Please be aware of the rules and participate in the game.
Will there be a fee for the win / loss betting / real time betting?
Score888 does not charge a fee for any bet.
What is the betting limit?
You can bet on Score888 from a minimum of 1,000 GP to a maximum of 2 billion GP.

The maximum amount of winning games is up to 10 billion GP.
How can I cancel my bet?
You can cancel your bet by using the item clearing item in the item shop.

You can use it up to 30 minutes before the start of the game.
What if I have different winning dividends?
If you have a different payout, please include simple betting information (team name, match date, etc.)

If you give us 1: 1 inquiry to customer center, we will answer / process it promptly.
How will the dividend be paid when the dividend rate is changed after the bet?
The dividend rate may continue to change until the start of the game, but the processing of the results will be based on the dividend rate at the time of betting.
Where can I find betting rules for a game?
[Game Center] - You can check it in the game guide.
When will we be able to process the match results and pay hits?
Result processing and dividend payments are processed within maximum one hour after the end of the match.

If it does not work even after 1 hour, please write to the customer center.
Where can I find my bets?
[Game Center] - You can check your betting history by going to your betting history.
I'm also curious about the results of other games other than the one you bet.
You can check the result of the game by the score of soccer / basketball / baseball / volleyball / ice hockey / football in [Live Score] of score888.
How do I participate in the multi-folder bonus event?
A score888 is in progress on the folder bonus.

If you select 3 folders or more, 1.03 is paid for each folder, 1.05 for 5 folders or more, and 1.07 for 7 folders or more.

Please check your betting cart as it will be automatically applied without a separate bonus payout.
I have found errors and bugs when using the game.
If you find any errors or bugs in the homepage, please register in 1: 1 contact through Customer Center and we will correct it.
What are coin-charging methods?
In Score888, you can charge by mobile phone, bank transfer or credit card.
I want to charge my coin.
Category [Store] - You can charge the coin by entering the desired amount and amount of money by entering the charge.
How much does the coin charge up to?
The maximum monthly charge for a coin that can be charged is KRW 500,000, which will be reset and recharged once the first day of every month.
Coins are not paid after charging.
Coin dispensing may be delayed after charging, but if you can not pay more than 10 minutes after charging, please contact Customer Service Center.

We will process it promptly after confirmation.

* In case of bank transfer, the payment confirmation may be delayed due to the payment system company's convenience.
Is it possible to refund after coin charging?
Refunds are available within 7 days of payment. Please feel free to contact us through [Customer Center].

Refunds will be refunded, excluding 10% commission, and processed within 3 business days of the request date.

In case of a refund, the bonus coin you received will be refunded.

* Refunds are not available if you have partially exhausted your coins after payment
I received a message saying that my mobile payment was not approved.
If your mobile carrier has a small payment limit or excess of payment limit, payment may not be processed.
Where do I buy a GP (game point)?
The GP, which can participate in the betting game, is paid extra when the item is purchased at the item shop and can not be purchased separately.

Sign in the item shop, skins skin / change your profile photo / buy a nickname change ticket and get a GP.
I want to know how much I have
You can check the status of coins and GP (game points) in the login window on the top right corner.

Click on the amount to view the history list.
I was notified by the community that writing and commenting was restricted.
In the community of Score888, you can re-register from 3 minutes after writing to prevent spamming In case of comment, you can register from 10 seconds after creation.
I want to quit receiving certain users' notes.
If you click the sender ID on the note, there is a block item for the user.

If you receive an unhealthy note, please press the Report button and the operation team will sanction the user.
What is premium data?
The premium data for the free data zone is pre-match data provided by Score888.

Use the premium data to analyze and play games from around the world.
Can I cash a GP (game point) in score888?
Score888 serves sports betting games that have been formally reviewed by the Games Rating Board.

Betting is done with the game money in GP and you can not exchange in cash.
What is the refund policy?
Coins or item refunds will be available within 7 days of purchase (including purchase date).

Please note that refund processing will be processed during business hours (Mon-Fri, 10: 00-19: 00).

* However, if you use some coins, items or items that are paid when purchasing items, you can not refund.

* A deposit of KRW 1,000 will be charged for each transaction.